In our factory in Vemdalen we produce the lovely Luddas.

Luddor - a classic shoe

I had them when I was a kid. This is something we often hear. But just as often, we meet someone who has never heard of Luddor. A Ludda is a wonderfully comfortable winter boot made from a pressed wool blanket. It has a cellular rubber lining and moose or cowhide details (depending on availability). A Ludda is an incredibly light shoe and it is spacious, you should be able to wiggle your toes when you have it on your foot.


A new family member. Our slipper Veman has been welcomed with open arms.

Our comfortable slipper for cold surfaces. The slipper can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Veman has a Vibram sole that makes it perfect for walking both indoors and outdoors. The top of the slipper has the same wool that we use in our shoes. A slipper with many uses. Now that our floors are getting cold, you’d be wise to put your feet in a pair of Veman. The fact that they are also made in our factory in Vemdalen makes it even better.

Our models

Free sock pattern

Free knitting pattern A really nice toe up sock pattern.

Luddan Child

We have shoes for both small and big feets