I had those when I was little. That's something we often hear. But just as often, we meet someone who has never heard of Luddor. A Ludda is a wonderfully comfortable winter boot that is sewn from a pressed wool felt. It has a cellular rubber edge and moose or cowhide details (depending on availability). A Ludda is an incredibly light shoe and it is roomy, you should be able to wiggle your toes when you have it on and then you still have socks on and maybe an extra sole.

Perfect slipper for chilly evenings.
Can be used both inside and outside

The slipper can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Veman has a Vibram sole that makes it perfect for walking both indoors and outdoors. The top of the slipper has the same wool that we use in our shoes. A slipper with many uses. If you have cold floors inside, it’s a good idea to put your feet in a pair of Veman. If you want a stable inner shoe, the Veman is a slipper you should try. The fact that they are also made in our factory in Vemdalen just makes it even better, truly Swedish-made.

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Free sock pattern

Free knitting pattern A really nice toe up sock pattern.

Luddan Child

We have shoes for both small and big feets