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Veman has become a favorite of many. We wanted to make a slipper that could be worn both indoors and outdoors. Running out to the mailbox or even a little further should work, no problem. The Veman has a rubber sole from Vibram so you can stand firmly with these on your foot. Outside – Inside – Inside – Outside, the choice is yours.

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Here you will find a slipper that can be used all year round, both indoors and outdoors. Veman, which is the name of the slipper, can be worn with or without a sock. The loose insole allows you to add an extra sole under the moulded one if it feels a bit big, perhaps when you’re not wearing socks. A lovely jump-in slipper quite simply. When the summer evenings feel cold and autumn is knocking on the door or why not pack them in your backpack and put them on at the next rest. You can use them whenever you want. All of you who like to swim when it’s cold, super nice to have a pair of Veman to jump into when you get up. The slippers are sewn from the same wool felt as our Luddor and also have a Vibram sole.


Our wool felt consists of 70% wool and 30% polyester.

We use Vibrams Newflex 10mm sole on our shoes. For our children’s shoes and Veman slipper we use 8mm Vibram Newflex.

Our leather details are sewn from moose skin that does not contain any chromium.

The moose is an animal that lives in freedom. There may therefore be small scratches in the skin that give it its natural character and remind us of the moose’s journey through the wilderness.

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