Luddan Classic

Luddan classic and Luddan high are twins, but Luddan classic has got a leather-covered plow. Not a big difference you might think, but it will be a completely different expression with the leather-covered tongue. Still a winter boot that does well where the winter is cold and snowy. Fits just as well around the fire as on the snowmobile ride but also when you are on the go somewhere completely different. A really nice variant of Luddan Hög.


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Our model Luddan classic is almost the same as Luddan High but with a leather-covered tounge.

Height approx 24 cm.


Our wool felt consists of 70% wool and 30% polyester.

We use Vibrams Newflex 10mm sole on our shoes. For our children’s shoes we use 8mm Vibram Newflex.

Our leather items are made from naturally tanned cowhide from Tärnsjö.

Size guide

fot cm
Vikt g
(1 par)
35220 - 2252718,5700
36228 - 2302718,5730
37232 - 23428,518,7780
38235 - 24028,519800
39241 - 24629,519,5840
40247 - 25229,521,7890
41254 - 26130,521,7920
42264 - 26830,521,7950
43269 - 27430,522990
44275 - 28030,5221050
45284 - 29130,5231080
46292 - 29631,5231120
47300 - 30531,5231180


Take care of your shoes and they will last for many years.

  • Dry your shoes at room temperature
  • Lubricate with leather grease from time to time.

We are often asked if our shoes resist moisture. Alla our shoes has a 10 mm Vibram sole. From the sole and up over the galoshing, it is then just over 4 cm (3 cm children). If you walk in water that is higher than 4 cm, shoes will get wet, but since they are made of wool, they will not get cold. The wool warms even when it gets wet.

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