Sustainability at Winterlife

We must be kind to our planet and do everything we can to make it last for everyone who comes after us, both animals and humans. Winterlife is a small company but that does not excuse our responsibility. We work hard to find suppliers who have stated environmental goals.

Below you can read about how we work with our process to get a more sustainable production. This is difficult and we need all the help we can get. Do you have thoughts and ideas about what we can do better or have contacts that you know that we need, do not hesitate, get in touch as soon as possible,

Winterlife does not manufacture trendy products that change every season. Our goal is to create timeless and sustainable products. Our products should last over time.

All production takes place in our factory in Vemdalen, made in Sweden for real.

Only chrome-free leather is used in our products. .

Winterlife manufactures wool shoes, which of course means that the largest amount of material is the wool We use a pressed wool felt from Italy. We dream of being able to have a wool blanket with Swedish wool, but at present there is no supplier of this. This area, to get a Swedish wool blanket, is something we think about every day and we promise – it will work but right now we are not there.

When it comes to our soles, Vibram and their soles work in Newflex. Newflex is a material that consists of about 20% natural rubber, which may sound a little, but compared to many other soles, it is a lot.

As of this year, we have also started a collaboration where we already in the prototype step take help from your users. Our first project is that 6 testers get to test our new “shoe / slipper” and give feedback on what is good / bad. We do this primarily so that we can produce the best product and not create unnecessary products that are not in demand.