leather and wool

The elk skin

comes from Finland – where the village-based hunting club also send their elk skins in for processing.

The wool felt

comes from Halmstad and contains no chemical additives.

The soles

are punched from Libacell – high-quality cellular rubber, which is ideal for making soles.


Allmoge stickat liten
Luddan Rustic

are covered in a knitted fabric made by Gunilla Classon in Ås, Jämtland, using a hand-operated knitting machine. The yarn used in the fabric is Swedish woollen yarn intended for furniture fabrics. This means it can easily withstand the wear and tear shoes are typically subjected to, while maintaining a delightful appearance.
The rustic pattern is drawn from a stocking exhibited in the Jämtland County Museum in Jamtli, and originally stems from Hammerdal. The rose pattern originally comes from Norway, and is also made by Gunilla Classon in Ås.

Care tips – Luddan

Dry Luddan shoes at room temperature. Treat the leather with shoe polish to keep it soft and supple.
The felt sections can be treated with textile spray.